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27th October | 7 Heshvan

24 Oct, 2017 | 4 Heshvan, 5778

From CHC President Anthony Raitman

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 | 24 Tishri, 5776

I am both humbled and excited to have been elected as President of the Caulfield Hebrew Congregation.   As I embark on my first term as President I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the new board to you. 
But firstly, I would like to congratulate Robert Weil on his achievements during his very long association with Caulfield Shul, most recently as its President, and I look forward to his continued support and encouragement as Vice President.
I also wish to pay tribute to the three board members who have stepped down from the board, Mark Salkin, Mimi Cohen and Rodney Horin.  Each of their contributions to the board over the past few years has been significant and they can look back with pride at their involvement on the board.  I am also thrilled to announce that Rodney Horin has agreed to continue to chair the Redevelopment Committee as we progress our plans to build new facilities for the future.  I also know that Mark and Mimi’s involvement has already extended beyond the boardroom.
The new board brings together a mix of committed and passionate people who have agreed to work together to maintain Caulfield Shule’s status as the most vibrant and active shul in Victoria.  Those that were re-elected include Robert, Jesse Braunstein, Selwyn Nadelman, Allen Milner, Greg Blashki, Debbie Szental and Michelle Gold.  We have already formed a close bond and will continue our work together.  Joining us is the dynamic trio of Danny Gluck, Amanda Joske and Daniel Jenshel.  Each of these new board members bring a range of skills to the board table and having spoken to each of them about their election, I am confident they will hit the ground running and make their mark.
When people heard that I was running for President of Caulfield Shul, more often than not it was suggested that perhaps I was doing so because no one else wanted to.  Well let me correct that perception by saying that I wanted to take on this role, so no one else needed to.  The President is only as good as the team that surrounds him and I am confident that the team that exists at Caulfield Shul is one of the best.
Of course in addition to the Board we have an excellent team led by Rabbi Genende, Miriam Suss and Dov Farkas, for whom I have the utmost respect.  We have already spent time discussing my commencement to make sure that it is a smooth transition.
There are many responsibilities that come with being the President of Caulfield Shul and by accepting this position, I have agreed to take them on willingly and comprehensively.  The support of my family in this endeavour has also been a critical factor in enabling me to accept this responsibility.
Over the coming months the board will be working to identify some of our priorities for the next year.  If you have suggestions, or would like to get involved, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Ilana and I would like to invite you to join us for a Kiddush after shul on Shabbat Bereishit (10 October 2015) where I hope to talk more about my motivations and plans for the future.   Looking forward to seeing you there.
Anthony Raitman