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Willie Best

Willie Best has been a member of Caulfield Shule for over 40 years, starting off by davening at the

Counterpoint minyan, which was the predecessor to the Or Chadash minyan.

He acted as its treasurer in the minyan’s infancy.

Willie studied Quantity Surveying at Melbourne University and worked for the Commonwealth Government in that capacity for 5 years. He then spread his wings and established a travel agency in St Kilda in 1981.

Willie is married to Helen and they have two married children.

Their married daughter lives in Jerusalem and has one son.

Their married son lives in Melbourne and his wife is expecting their first child early in 2019.

Willie is a regular attendee to the late minyan on Monday to Friday and very rarely misses a Shabbat service at Or Chadash.

This is his first stint on the Shule board and he is looking forward to the challenge.


Fri, 18 October 2019 19 Tishrei 5780