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Chareidim 2014 AJN

01/07/2014 02:10:52 PM


It was nobody less than our greatest leader and teacher of all times, Moshe Rabeinu, who articulated the issue with crystal clarity: “Shall your brothers go out to battle and you will sit here?” (Numbers 32:6).

The background was the request of the tribes of Gad and Reuven to settle on the east bank of the river instead of crossing the Jordan to conquer the land of Israel. Moses thought they wanted to “sit out” the...Read more...

Love is a 4 letter word AJN

03/02/2014 02:09:01 PM


Love is a 4 letter word in Hebrew too .Its known as Ahava and starts with an aleph, first letter of the alphabet; the beginning of it all. We are here on this little planet because of love : God, according to the Kabbalists, had no choice but to share his immense and overflowing love. Love unshared is love unrealised. The root of ahava is hav, to give. And God doesn't stop giving and loving despite our waywardness. Inconstant love isn’t...Read more...

Passage from India

16/07/2013 01:44:15 PM


Visiting New Delhi about a month ago, we stumbled across a protest at one of the city's landmark national monuments, The India Gate, a pale sandstone and granite portal inspired by the Arc De Triomphe in Paris and the older Roman Arch of Titus. It's an impressive building particularly in the early evening when it is illuminated against the overarching Delhi sky. Our attention was, however, drawn not to the monument, but to the protesters and...Read more...

Washington Interfaith June 2013

21/06/2013 01:58:05 PM


There are probably few cities that exude the sense of empire like Washington DC. With its classical buildings and sculptures, its grand road (the National Mall), its magnificent monuments and centres of influence (the White House and the US Capitol) radiating off the main wide avenues, it makes a definite statement of power and history. It’s hard not to be awed by this elegantly designed city, boarded by the Potomac River, conceived by...Read more...

Purim 2013 AJN Go East Young Man

16/06/2013 02:00:05 PM



Go east young man – Purim is on the way! The very opening words of the Megillah – and certainly the first chapter of this Book of Esther – transport us into an exotic, sybaritic kingdom. The great empire stretches from India to Africa (MeHoduvead Kush). The palace that Achasverosh constructs is a “stately pleasure dome” of expansive slabs of marble, pavements of precious inlaid stones, lavish hangings and exquisite...Read more...

AJN May 2103 Visit to South Africa

02/05/2013 02:02:26 PM


Big themes are infinitely difficult to translate into the daily rhythm of life. As President Obama noted so incisively in his Jerusalem speech just before Pesach: “Even as we draw strength from the story of G-d’s will and His gift of freedom, we know that here on earth we must bear our responsibilities in an imperfect world.” The road to freedom is a long and hard one. It demands sacrifices, struggle and constant work.

This was...

AJN May 2013 Margaret Thatcher

01/05/2013 02:04:24 PM


Much has been written about Margaret Thatcher and much will be written about Margaret Thatcher, for Margaret Thatcher was smart, formidable, challenging, charismatic and compelling. Such individuals excite great passion; such individuals transform the landscape of humanity.

There are far more qualified politicians, pundits and historians than I who will continue to debate the legacy of this remarkable woman. I would like to focus on...Read more...

Wed, 20 October 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782