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Love is a 4 letter word AJN

03/02/14 14:09:01


Love is a 4 letter word in Hebrew too .Its known as Ahava and starts with an aleph, first letter of the alphabet; the beginning of it all. We are here on this little planet because of love : God, according to the Kabbalists, had no choice but to share his immense and overflowing love. Love unshared is love unrealised. The root of ahava is hav, to give. And God doesn't stop giving and loving despite our waywardness. Inconstant love isn’t true love .We too shouldn't stop loving because the other fails or disappoints us .

If we really love we don't just give up on our partners or our kids. Marriages are about staying the course-they may be made  in heaven but they don’t stay in heaven. They are bruised and tested by our unruly unpredictable earth.  Love isn’t a feeling but a process, the unfolding of a heavenly  hued cloth on the rough uneven ground of our lives. I’m writing this from a Shiva house for my wife’s stepmother; Eva was married to Zelik my father in law for 43 years. They were an unlikely couple and saw the world very differently but they stayed the course and continued giving to and frustrating the other till her end. They still held hands when she lay dying. Ahava starts with aleph but also has a beit in it and two heys the fifth letter .The beit remind us of continuity and the hey of the five digits which make a hand .There are two heys for to be in  love is to walk hand in hand  resolutely on life’s unravelling road.

Mon, 17 May 2021 6 Sivan 5781