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Join us Shabbat morning for prayers led by Chazzan Sheiny Gedaliah Levin and  Chazzan Dov Farkas with our usual thought provoking drasha from Rabbi Genende.  Don't forget to bring your kids who will be well looked after by our Kids' Club team.  Kiddush to follow.

Alternatively join the Or Chadash minyan for a more intimate service with Rabbi Krasnjanski in the small upstairs shule.

For times refer our calendar.



Shacharit services are held daily in the upstairs small shule - one for the early risers and a second at a more reasonable hour.

Mincha & Maariv services are also held daily in the upstairs small shule.

Visitors who wish to say Kaddish are most welcome.

For times refer our calendar

Yom Tov

Come and celebrate the Chaggim with us.

For dates and times refer our calendar.

Regular Shacharit Services

Monday & Thursday                 6.40am & 8.00am

Tues, Wed & Friday                   6.45am & 8.00am

Rosh Chodesh & Fast Days    6.30am & 8.00am

Sunday & Public Holidays       8.00am

Shabbat Main Shule                 9.15am

Shabbat Or Chadash                9.30am

Thu, 5 August 2021 27 Av 5781