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Clear away those matza crumbs

21/04/17 15:11:28


It’s over! Hopefully you had a liberating Pesach and displayed intestinal fortitude. Now it’s time to clear away the matza crumbs and dig into the challah. It’s also time to engage fully with your shule. We’ve got a great program with overseas speakers, our fabulous Yom Haatzmaut Breakfast on 7 May (you’ve surely booked for this!) Friday Night Fever on 5 May, a stimulating educational series in June, youth programs and a Bnei Mitzvah workshop for parents and kids on 27 April, Cholent n’ Chat sessions with an eclectic selection of visitors. Next Wednesday our regular program of Caulfield Bubs at 10.30am and the Parasha class resumes at 9am, (Shmoozeday starts again the following week), and Bridge on Tuesday and Thursday.

Monday is Yom Hashoah and Tuesday is Anzac Day which we will mark both on Shabbat.

We are delighted to celebrate Jeremy Arndt’s Barmitzvah this Shabbat.

So leave your tzorres behind and join us for a packed social, spiritual and educational adventure at Caulfield Shule!

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Ralph

Tue, 14 July 2020 22 Tammuz 5780