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Willie Best

Willie has been involved with Caulfield Shule since the early days of Counterpoint in 1975 and now attends Or Chadash.

Willie was the cofounder of FBI Travel in 1992 after establishing and running Freeway Travel in 1980. Willie is now retired after forty years in the travel industry. He still works as an independent contractor to the business.

This gives Willie and his wife Helen more time to spend with their two young grandchildren in Melbourne and hopefully when travel recommences, with their grandson in Israel.

Willie is passionate about CHC and is a regular attendee during the week and off course is seen at Shule nearly every Shabbat and Chag.

Willie was a board member in 2018 but retired due to health issues. He now feels that he can devote some of his time to see CHC move forward in this decade with the help of the other hard working board members.

Mon, 17 May 2021 6 Sivan 5781