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Shabbat Services this week

Parashat – Tazria-Metzora, תַזְרִיעַ - מְּצֹרָע

Shabbat Services For This Week

Friday April 16th and Saturday April 17th 2021

Please use the booking forms for Friday and Saturday, that provide individual booking tabs for Men and Women.  Please be careful and click the right field.

Below are the times for the Shabbat services this week:

  • Friday 16th April Mincha @ 5:45PM, Kabbalat Shabbat @ 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 17th April @ 9:15AM - 1st Minyan Community Kiddush in Karp Centre to follow the service.
  • 2nd Minyan Private - Barmitzvah – Zack Donath @ 11:15 AM  - followed by Private Kiddush in Sukiert Hall
  • Saturday 17th April Mincha @ 5:20 PM.  Followed Seudah Shelishit, Guest Speaker Alex Kats on "The intersection of religion, heritage and culture" and then Maariv.

Or Chadash Service:

  • Saturday 17th April @ 9:30 AM

The automated booking process uses our ShulCloud™ system.  To eliminate confusion and duplicated bookings, we now have 4 separate booking pages.  One for Friday night, one for Saturday morning and one for Mincha/Maariv Plus a separate link for Or Chadash.. There are also individual booking tabs for Men and Women. If you want to attend on either one or all services you will need to book separately for each service and each individual person.  There is no option to book for more than one person or service per booking.

Please fill out all fields in the form correctly and click the SUBMIT button.  If all your details have been entered correctly, you will be directed to a page that says:

Thank you for your submission.

Shortly after you will receive a confirmation by eMail that will show your confirmed service.

If you do not receive a confirmation eMail within 10 minutes that shows your full booking details, your booking has not been successful and you should try again and send a report to:

Bookings will open at 6:00PM today (Tuesday) and will close at 12:00 PM on Friday or earlier if fully subscribed.

It’s as simple as clicking this link for FRIDAY night:

Click this link to Book Friday Night Service

Or this page for SATURDAY morning:

Click this link to Book Saturday Morning Service

Or this page for SATURDAY Mincha/Maariv:

Click this link to Book Saturday Mincha/Maariv Service


Or this page for OR CHADASH SATURDAY morning:

Click this link to Book for Or Chadash Saturday Morning Service


Additional Information:

Following the latest revisions to the COVID-19 rules, we are NOT required to wear face masks.  However we still need to maintain social distancing.

The Victorian Government has announced that as from 23rd April we will be required to use a new registration process – details to be released in the next weeks.  Meanwhile we must continue to use our current process.  Please help us to be compliant and maintain your individual responsibility to keeping our community safe and pre-register using the links above.

Please continue to maintain social distancing and sanitize on entry.

Thank you.

Events At Caulfield Shule

Kabbalat Shabbat LIVE - 6 November 2020 at 6pm

Pre-Shmini Atzeret “Abridged Yizkor Service” - LIVEThursday  8 Oct. at 8pm

From the President 

Dear fellow congregant member,

Thank you for the complimentary communications that we have received for the gift packs and the 4 broadcast “Connection” services over the high holydays watched by over 10,000 people on YouTube and Facebook.

I am pleased to report that we have received early enrollment responses to our emailed initiative this week to conduct outdoor on-site compliant Sukkot services for a very limited number of members. 

Please note that we are now seeking to finalize all remaining membership/seat holder accounts. 

To that end, a final notice has been issued this week requiring settlement including where applicable, an approved payment plan on or before the 12 October 2020. 

This process will ensure that we can finalize our membership list and also prepare an accurate financial forecast and budget for the balance of the 20/21 financial year. 

Wishing all members a Chag Sameach over Sukkot.

David Mond


Pre-Rosh Hashanah Service “Rosh Hashanah Highlights” - REPLAY

Pre-Yom Kippur Service “Abridged Yizkor Service” - REPLAY

Pre-Yom Kippur Service “Abridged Kol Nidrei Service” - REPLAY

Post-Yom Kippur Service “A special 18 minute (Chai) Neila Program” - REPLAY

A  message from the President

As our members are aware, due to overriding health protection considerations, the Board has been extremely conservative in recommencing synagogue services. We have been  focusing on building the requisite expertise to deliver services through a functional system that balances the need for synagogue services against the framework of a compliant governance process.

We delivered on 4 bar mitzvah synagogue events and last week resumed main synagogue Shabbat services.

Sadly, despite our desire to expand services further this Shabbat,  we find ourselves once again in lockdown.

Let’s pray that the situation will soon take a turn for the better so we may return to the days of old, with active engagement and full synagogue services.

We will nevertheless continue to provide remotely, interesting programs and other  services to keep our engagement with members and friends.

Shabbat Shalom


David Mond


Special  message from the President


Dear Congregant Members

Due to the speculation surrounding daily services/ minyonim, I wish to confirm that the CHC has no plans to reopen for services under the present state of emergency laws and regulatory regime.

Each synagogue will no doubt make their own decisions on this issue based on their particular circumstances and risk assessment.

The Board together with Rabbi Genende of the CHC has independently adopted a risk averse approach to all decisions relating to our congregant members.

Should the circumstances change, we will of course reassess our position.

Regards and please stay safe
David Mond

Caulfield Shule’s Activities during Covid-19 Crisis

Caulfield Shule’s Activities during Covid-19 Crisis:

1. Project Engagement – making direct contact with our membership to stay in touch and provide assistance as needed.


2. Continued Services provided by Rabbi Genende

· Support for enquiries re lifecycle events to bereavements, Halacha and wellbeing.

· Shiurim including occasional guest speaker

· Pre-Shabbat and Yom Tov videos including Arcare – all welcome to zoom in

 Zoom link:   Meeting ID: 489 614 5327


3. Programs provided by Sam Brygel, CHC Program Director

· Teenage Zusha and Zohar groups for teenagers via zoom

· Bat Mitzvah Program

· Outreach activities


4. Other Continuing Services

· Daf Yomi Shiur

· Office available for phone enquiries


5. Planned Events

· 8 week lunch-time series on Jewish Philosophy by our Scholar-in-Residence David Solomon starting on May 7

A Special Message from the President



Board Members

To read more about our Board Members, please click here.

CHC Child Safety Incidents / Concerns / Complaints Register

For more information and to  access online form click here 


To download the 2020 Annual Calendar - please click here

Please note the Annual Calendar will be updated on Tuesdays. 

Pesach Sheni

Monday, Apr 26


CHC Forms

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- Aliyah Request
- B'nei Mitzvah Application
- Batmitzvah Application
- Consecration Booking
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- Membership Application 
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- CHC Child Safety Incidents / Concerns / Complaint Register

Caulfield Shule Connecting Our Community

Caulfield Shule is the place to Pray, Study & Connect:
- A Modern Orthodox inclusive congregation;
- Fully committed to Torah and Jewish Law;
- Valuing of intellectual expression and inquiry;
- A community of tolerance;
- Embracing the centrality of the State of Israel; and
- Committed to contributing to the society in which we live.
Sat, 17 April 2021 5 Iyyar 5781