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Enrol in our 2024 Bar Mitzvah Program

Through our weekly classes, your son will embark on a journey of exploration into what it means to be a Barmi boy and a man in the Jewish religion. During these sessions, we explore themes related to the beliefs and virtues in a meaningful and exciting way. Sessions encourage the boys to think about their role as a Jewish man and how they can impact the world we live in.

We look forward to welcoming your son to join our Bar Mitzvah program. developing a deeper connection to Judaism, the community and Caulfield Shule.

Bar Mitzvah Program Application

Bar Mitzvah Program Handbook

Or to discuss the program further please contact our Engagement Team on 9525 9492.


Rabbi Daniel and Sarah Rabin have been involved in running programs for Bar and Bat Mitzvah aged children for many years. They have run programs in South Africa, USA and Australia. After doing research and based on their experience they have brought a unique and all-encompassing approach to the program.

The program has been designed to be inclusive, educational, interactive, relevant and a lot of fun! The structure of the program focuses on 8 key aspects of becoming a Jewish man. These key elements encourage the boys question their previous understanding of these concepts, enhancing their learning and understanding.

In addition, we host a Friday night kiddush for the families of the barmi boys as well as a shabbat lunch at the Rabbi’s house for the barmi boys.

The program provides the boys with an opportunity to establish close friendships with people from different schools and backgrounds as well as exploring their own identity.


  1. Origin of Bar Mitzvah
  2. Jewish identity
  3. Taking responsibility in the modern world
  4. All about holidays
  5. Israel
  6. Physical and spiritual fitness
  7. Charity and volunteering
  8. Shule and Tefillin


Origin of Barmitzvah:

In exploring this aspect of the Bar Mitzvah program, we explore what it is to be a Bar Mitzvah boy. This includes a discussion of the key responsibilities and virtues that a Barmi boy should uphold as they commence the journey to becoming a Jewish man. We encourage the boys to set up goals for what they plan to take from the program.

Jewish Identity:

We found this aspect to be highly pertinent in the Bar Mitzvah program that we offer because it is highly important for our Barmi boys to understand what makes up their Jewish identity. We explore three key aspects of Jewish identity, Jewish peoplehood, Jewish culture and Jewish religion.

Taking responsibility in the modern world:

As a Barmi boy is undergoing the journey of becoming a Jewish man, he must think of ways he can take responsibility in the world that we live in. We explore what the meaning of taking responsibility in the modern world is and how we can go about doing it.

All About holidays:

The Jewish tradition is brimming with Chagim and sometimes it is difficult to understand the meaning of each Chag and what it is we can do to celebrate the Chag as Jewish men. We will explore the ritualistic practices, meaning and history to some of the major Chagim that occur in a Jewish year, providing the boys with a sound understanding of the Jewish calendar.


The state of Israel is centralised to the Jewish religion and is hopefully a place where all of the Barmi boys will eventually visit in their lifetimes. We will explore the history of Israel with a specific focus on Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Hazikaron, galvanising the Barmi boys to consider ‘Why Israel?’.

Physical and spiritual fitness:

It is often difficult to connect with spirituality, especially at a younger age. We encourage the boys to foster and nurture their spiritual relationship with Judaism. Moreover, we explore the importance of physical fitness in our lives and finding a healthy balance.

Charity and volunteering:

We sometimes forget how fortunate we are and that others are experiencing serious hardship. We discuss the importance of charity and volunteering with the boys through understanding the concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Furthermore, the boys are given the opportunity to volunteer and create a tangible connection with charity and volunteering.

Tefillin and shule:

The Jewish tradition revolves around prayer. Not only do we connect with divine through prayer we connect with each other and the members of the community. The boys will understand how Tefillin is made in a Tefillin workshop led by Rabbi Gutnik’s team and will explore what is required of a shule, the house of prayer.

Examples of sessions we have done in the past:

  1. CCARE volunteering and deliveries
  2. Group personal training
  3. Guest speakers
  4. Visit to the Holocaust Museum
  5. Policeman and squad car visit
  6. Tefillin workshop with Rabbi Eli Gutnik’s team


Sessions are age appropriate. Participants are not treated like little kids nor like university students. Learning is not conducted in a classroom environment rather via creative, fun activities and ways of exploring interesting and relevant topics.


  • Sessions take place through the school year following the Government school calendar but will also not have scheduled classes on Jewish Holidays
  • While not specifically part of the Program, students are welcome to join the Caulfield Shule services on the Friday night or Shabbat morning. Parents and siblings will be welcomed and made to feel part of the Shule family!


  • Age / Year Level… The Program is suitable for boys having their Bar Mitzvah in 2024.
  • Outlook … Looking to expand their minds, thoughtful, curious, fun.
  • Religious Beliefs… No requirements. Anyone who is open to thinking and learning is more than welcome


  • Commencing 11 February 2024
  • Sundays 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Program end on 19 May
  • Dinner provided
  • Some activities may require participants leaving Caulfield Shule premises. Parents are always advised when this is.
  • Signed and completed enrolment form (including permission slip) and code of conduct are required prior to the commencement of the first session.

Your child's safety is our priority! We ensure the following:

  • Staff all have working with children checks
  • We follow a child protection policy
  • Parents can drop in at anytime
  • Our door is always open to discuss any issue


Member Price: $750

Non-Member Price: $1,000*

Fri, 26 July 2024 20 Tammuz 5784