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It is customary to light a Yahrzeit candle commencing on the evening of the Yahrzeit. If you have a light on one of our memorial boards, we will ensure that the light is kindled during the period of the Yahrzeit. Should you wish to purchase a memorial plaque to honour your loved one please contact the Shule office.

Should you require someone to say Kaddish for or on your behalf, please contact the Shule office. If a male family member will be attending on a Shabbat, Yom Tov, Monday or Thursday morning on the day of the Yahrzeit or immediately prior to the Yahrzeit  and would like to be called to the Torah, please notify the Shule office. We will endeavor to allocate an honour to those commemorating a Yahrzeit wherever reasonably possible.

Jewish tradition says that the soul of the deceased is elevated as a result of people doing Mitzvot (good deeds) on behalf of the departed soul. Therefore, the one commemorating the Yahrzeit often brings some liquor (and biscuits) to the morning service so as to encourage the congregants at the morning service to make a bracha (blessing) over the liquor and bid the one commemorating the Yahrzeit a L'Chaim and a long life. Similarly, it is traditional to give tzedakah (charity) in memory of the deceased.

To check that we have the correct details to remind you of a Yahrzeit please call the Shule office.


Is a memorial prayer recited on Pesach and Shavuot, Yom Kippur and Shemini Atzeret, to remember dear departed parents and close relatives. It is traditional to make an offering to charity in memory of a relative each time Yizkor is recited as they benefit from the good deeds done by the living on their behalf. In our Shule the Yizkor offerings are placed in a special fund for charitable and educational purposes.

Our Memorial booklet is produced biannually and enables members the opportunity to have the names of their loved ones included in the booklet. If you would like to include the name of a loved one please contact the Shule office.

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