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Mechirat Chametz 2024 / 5784

If you require a physical printed form, please click HERE.

On Pesach it is forbidden to keep Chametz, its mixtures and/or derivatives in one’s possession. All Chametz not destroyed must be sold to a gentile. Bedikat Chametz (searching for leaven) takes place on Sunday 21 April after 6:12pm. The formal sale of Chametz to a gentile will take place on the morning of Monday 22 April.

The Shule office will need your form by 5pm Thursday 18 April. Responsibility cannot be accepted for forms reaching the Rabbi after this time. Please note the procedure for the Sale of Chametz.

  1. You are NOT selling your Chametz to the Rabbi, who also may not possess chametz over Pesach. Rather, you appoint the Rabbi as an agent to sell your Chametz (and to lease the space that contains it) to a gentile or to appoint someone else to sell it. As a result, the gentile is then allowed free access to the Chametz he purchases.
  2. This procedure is a bona fide sale in accord with Talmudic and secular law.
  3. It is prohibited to derive any benefit from Chametz which has been kept by a Jew during Pesach.
  4. Should one find Chametz in one’s house during Chol HaMoed, the Chametz should be burned (or destroyed). If found on Yom Tov, one should cover it with a vessel until the conclusion of Yom Tov and then burn it.
  5. Unless you are advised otherwise, you may access your Chametz again once Rabbi repurchases the Chametz back from the gentile at 6:45pm on Tuesday 30 April.


(Sale of Chametz)

Please make sure to complete this form by 5pm Thursday 18 April.

Dear Rabbi Rabin,

I/We hereby give power of attorney to Rabbi Daniel Rabin to sell all Chametz (and to lease the space that contains it) which is found in my/our possession and elsewhere (e.g. place of business) or any other property which is mine/ours. This applies to all Chametz which is knowingly or unknowingly in my/our possession. For all this, I/We appoint you, Rabbi Daniel Rabin, the messenger in our place. You are authorised to sell it to whoever wants to buy it through all kinds of transactions which are legal according to Jewish Law.

Your Details:
*Also list and/or attach business and holiday home addresses

Please make sure this form is completed and submitted NO LATER THAN 5pm Thursday 18 April.

Thu, 18 April 2024 10 Nisan 5784