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Lauren Norich

My name is Lauren Norich (née Urban). My husband Adam and I have three gorgeous boys, Toby (7), Jay (5) and Billy (3).

I am very excited to join the Caulfield Shule Board and be able to voice the opinions and needs of the younger generation in a productive, positive and fun way!

I have wonderful memories of being at Caulfield Shule when I was young, running in to see my grandparents (Majer and Dora Flamer BH”) and being showered with love, Shule treats and lollies!

Now, as a parent I can appreciate the naches my family felt when I see our boys running around the Shule showing love to their grandparents (Shirley and Peter Urban and Rhonda and Leo Norich) whilst also looking for Shule treats and lollies!

Adam and I were married by Rabbi Genende in 2009. We were grateful for the time Rabbi Genende spent with us in the lead up to our wedding and I think that experience sparked a desire to become more involved in the Caulfield Shule Community.

I was involved in starting the Caulfield Bubs program where young mothers and their young children would meet at Caulfield Shule each week. We would provide entertainment, and the opportunity to socialise with other mothers and children and share experiences, and fun activities. It has been a huge success and is very well attended each week.

As a board member, I look forward to implementing many more events and programs and will continue to promote Caulfield Shule to the congregants and the wider Jewish Community.

Please feel free to contact me and share any ideas via email

Sat, 24 October 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781