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Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin

Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin was raised in San Francisco, California. Her parents run a Shule for Russian immigrants there. Sarah studied in Israel after graduating from high school. She has a Diploma of Teaching and has taught early childhood education for several years. Rebbetzin Rabin has been a dedicated partner to Rabbi Rabin in all their rabbinic roles. In addition to working with women of all ages, she is passionate about including women in Jewish Life. In addition to organizing and leading many programs in Shule Life, she also loves to host guests in her home. She is a mother to three beautiful children, Aaron, Shaina and Eli.

Rebbetzin Sarah teaches bridal classes and helps the brides to be in the run-up to their special day.


Fri, 26 July 2024 20 Tammuz 5784